What comes next is up to ME….

Big sigh of relief, before I start writing… why… because I got the best night of sleep I have had in years… all because of yesterday’s MRA… the answer I have waited for since Big Springs, Texas…

FIFTY ONE YEARS !!!!! but hey, my doctor thinks I should be patient… I thought I had for 51 fucking years of patience!!!! But my humanity and feelings have zero to do with a doctor and her little world… patients just pay for that world… just a FYI!!!

Now I promise you the health care professionals I am dealing with will look at me as a hostile patient and treat me as such… they did in the clinic yesterday when I asked for a copy of the results to be faxed to me, they said the doctor has to say it is okay to fax it!!!


Tri-west is specific on any tests that are done on veterans, we are to promptly be provided a copy of those results and just because you have a private practice, doesn’t mean you can make up rules that keep the patient from having a say… you agreed to the contract with Tri-West!!!!! They put it in writing!!!!

So already, I have a problem with my primary care, because they have turned me into a hostile patient, because I know the rules and I know government regulations, help to write a couple and I know the laws!!!!

If the hospital that did the test could fax me a copy, any excuse from my primary doctors office was just that an EXCUSE!!!! and a bull shit one at that… now my tachycardia is letting me know it is there!!!!

Anyway, when we got home, I sat my fax up as fast as I could, we just bought the machine a few days ago and I had no clue how it worked, and had to do the set up… but lo and behold, 15 mins later, the fax from the hospital came in with my results… and the doctor’s office bull shit excuse went in the toilet!!! so over people who think they are gods!!!

And it does create an ethical issue between me and my primary doctor right now… it means I have zero trust that she has my best interest in the forefront and not an issue of control over my rights and health care… and people wonder why health care in America is so screwed up… because they hate informed patients!!!! so they do the worse and hope we die and their little problem goes away… well this bitch is not going anywhere and answers I will continue to get….

Okay enough rant…

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