Beyond my Comprehention….

Do you comprehend everything that goes on in life??? If you do, why are you reading my blog???

Intelligence is only good if it helps, does good and most of all, helps you keep your soul from those hell-bent on condemning it like they did their own….

I do not comprehend religion or those that say, “praise god”??? I mean, what person in their right  mind says, “praise god”… when millions of people were slaughtered in gas chambers and genocide is going on as I write… so how can anyone in their right mind say, “praise god”???? or a god that did so many abortions, we will never catch up to the number this god murdered with floods and hell fire and brimestone… but “praise god”????

And there in lies the conundrum of insanity and those that are using religion as a cover for their crimes and those that are educated but simple-minded and those that are simple minded and not educated…. these people scare the hell out of me for good reason…

They have no ability to reason….

I watch as Trump manipulates and I watch as the Pope manipulates and both men… are men in power that tell you, trust them… they know all, they see all and they did all… but they want you to trust them???

I don’t know about you… but tonight, I hope this cold leaves me alone… I don’t have any nightmares about the very people I mentioned above…. and most of all….

I learn to comprehend why I continue to keep my doors and windows locked at night and make sure my dogs get friendly with only the people who live inside my walls… and that would be the ghost of christmas, past, present and future… Mike & I, I trust… anyone else… not a snow ball chance in hell… why… did you not read the above…???

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who hated being dressed up for Freda’s church games….