Breathing is over rated!!!

Watching the news about the stupid morons not vaccinating their kids because of bogus reports that have been proved bogus about vaccines and you got the dumb ass’s that walk around Hawaii and think, I am going to look straight at you and cough and you do not stand a snow balls chance in hell avoiding the spittle coming out of the assholes, hole!!!!

Do you know autism has been around for centuries and vaccines have only been around less than a hundred years??? Did you know???

I have had every vaccine out there, except anthrax and I do not know if the military is still giving that shot, but it is one that I would have declined and got out of the military… experiment on us they do and always have and if they tell you that isn’t true… well I got a bridge in the pacific ocean for sale!!!

Get a phone call early this morning, no clue why I turned do not disturb off the cell phone when I got up, just a feeling and the phone rings from my lawyer…

Why we pay these dumb ass morons so much money is beyond me, but do not hire the Gallagher law firm in Texas and stay away from Wagstaff & Cartmell of Missouri!!!

If I had handled cases like they handled mine, I would have never been able to get another federal job… well maybe politician would have been on the menu after screwing up like they did my case!!!

So as I sit here, frustrated, because I can’t breathe, tried to eat breakfast and breathing is not possible, so my mood, attitude and day have gone in the toilet, because of lawyers!!!! I so hate stupid incompetent morons… oh wait… that’s what we have as president and congress!!! my bad!!!!

Yep this day, after I got the fax’s sent off, same ones I sent Aug 30, 2018… and I am looking at a couple more years of legal bullshit, because of GOP religious bigots in Missouri and Texas!!!!!

So between the morons who think vaccines are dangerous and the dumb mother fuckers that cough on you and a legal system that is geared towards the 1%…. my day sucks!!!

Please what ever space ship that came to earth and dumped these stupid dumb ass morons on earth… quit laughing your ass off and come back and get them or nuke the damn planet so it can start fresh…

With our luck, someone will be born or evolve who comes across a cross and bible and we will be back to slaves of the white man and his religion!!!!

Yep, I am in a piss poor mood and it’s not getting any better as I type!!!

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who really hates the state of Texas!!!