I Win, Face Book Looses….

I got under someone’s skin… so they shut down my face book pages and it looks like they are messing with Mike’s page… so I hit a nerve…

Ya know what, boo hoo… FB and its base are as thin-skinned as Trump and that ladies and gentlemen is a fact…

I think in my post on face book I used the word Jew and If I could tell you verbatim what I said I would, but the gist… it’s about labels and Jew is a label, as is democrat, right, left, black, brown… that is the gist of my fb post… but because I used the word Jew… I got shut down… wow…

Labels are what those in power use to control the every day common human being… you see in the news how the rich and famous manipulate the school system for the stupid off spring they produce… just look at Trump, dumb as a post in school… but he’s our president…. ewwwwwwww…

Face book is doing me a favor by eliminating my page… I find face book beyond annoying and way out of my comfort zone… but it helped with my progress of coming out of my shell and keeping myself to myself… and I was craving that privacy again, now with FB out of the picture… 

I win… and face book just showed me it is about the owner, his ethnic background and not about the 1st amendment of the constitution… didn’t the Salem witch trials start out like this???

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… before powerful men like Zuckerberg quieted her voice…


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