Ignoring the VA…. moving on…

Okay, enough of this bull shit doubt crap!!!….

You have known your whole adult life you were missing time and you knew something was off with your relationship, when it came to your birth family… in fact, having contact with any of them set off alarms and I didn’t understand why!!!

I have got to quit doubting myself, it defeats all the progress I have made this far… I have had the ones with the licenses, tell me to my face I know what I am talking about!!!!

So why won’t I listen to myself???….

That one last little glimmer of hope that this was all a bad dream and all I had to do was pinch myself and the world would be hunky dory…. 

Well a few bruises later from pinching!!!… I give!!!… I have to catapult to the reality…..

I lived it and my body of proof….

Is my body!!!…. Real sobering thought….

Told hubby how it all made sense… the way my sister kept trying to throw me off track… How my brother reacted when he saw me for the first time since 1967, when he came to see me in 2002…. and why Freda asked the questions she asked or made the comments she made….

The evidence is overwhelmingly against them…. now I get why my hair dresser in Arkansas said no one would believe I was related to the family…. what a sobering realization what the corruption of socialized religion can do to a humans brain… no drugs needed… just a blanket excuse to do as you want, because this man born on earth is a god and died many thousand of years ago and he will protect and forgive you???

Okay melancholy over with… these people are flat-out bat shit crazy!!!….

True story… one I can prove and not one story in the bible can be proven…. think about that for minute….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who loved to live life… but christians had other ideas….