VA Medical Records Incomplete!!!

One thing about this memory ability, once I remember something I try to back it up with facts….

That Abby OCR program I bought has the ability to scan all the documents for specific words or phrases… 

I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to find the CT scan they did at the Oregon VA and got nothing… so what am I putting wrong in the OCR for searching???

Mike remembers the road trip, we had that fancy car that got stolen from us In Okanogan, WA…. I remember the doctor telling me they found nothing on the CT scan and I do a 180 degree turn around…. 

Doesn’t strokes and brain bleeds show up on CT??? According to the science I read they do, but…. that one little ugly word… was that the ability in 2000??? of CT I mean….

Again I have more questions than answers… do I think the stroke could have happened since 2000… that answer is easy…. NO!!!

I have known for decades I was missing memory or time, now I could be way wrong on this… I had surgery in 2011 at El Paso VA and came out of recovery with purple fingers??? and was not told anything after surgery that there had been complications??? and I remember the nurses, two males, arguing before the put me under and I wondered if I was going to wake up when they were done with me??? The VA wouldn’t cover up a brain bleed and stroke on the operating table  now would they???

So getting my hands on that CT from the Oregon VA that was done with contrast, might be a very important piece of paper…. if it was capable and they scanned the brain in the right area…. we may have our evidence that the stroke happened after 2000 and under the VA’s care… and frankly I seriously doubt it… 

I think the scan was not in the same area of the brain that the stroke and bleed was found by the MRI in Dec of 2018….

More detective work to do…

Don’t forget… I stood in my mother’s kitchen that I help to pay for and told her in 2010 I was missing memory…. I didn’t have leg surgery until Nov 2011… so you see, I doubt that the CT was done in the area that the MRI found damage… but I need to rule out all possibilities, so that the story is told accurately…. can’t have any doubt floating around out there… the culprits that committed these crimes need to be held accountable….

So my wishful thinking that I was ready to do the first run of the book, just went down the drain… this issue needs to be clarified…. oh yea… so authorization will be sent to Oregon VA to see if they have a copy of that CT scan done of my brain in 1999 or 2000….

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