Restless Leg Syndrome, while AWAKE!!!

I brought up this restless leg syndrome for decades…..

When the military, tried to treat me, they put me on all kinds of drugs that made the restless leg activity go into overdrive… Sleeping aids was the worse… Now, even NSAIDs will trigger the activity….

Restless leg is something I wrote once about… we were going to Tiny’s wedding in the mountains and I stood outside the car pounding my legs up and down, trying to get the restless leg discomfort to quit and granny told me to quit, it was just growing pains… and she and Tiny locked eyes… this was after the TV beating or the Boob incident….

Regardless, it was obvious even at that time, I had suffered some kind of brain injury…..

If the legs had not been a memory from so young… I would have had to say my first serious brain injury was the stroke and near death at 13… but nope…. we are going to have to go back to even earlier….

So first serious brain injury, was well before I turned 9 years old…. you have no idea how heavy my shoulders just became and the deep sigh that escaped my lips… how can anyone do this to a child???

Now that I understand the brain injuries… I get the restless leg issue and why, when the military and VA had me on so many medications, it became a living hell…

The only medication I take now is for my cholesterol and since I had a stroke, it is a drug, I will always have to take… and 600 mg of NSAIDs… when I take the NSAIDS, which lately has been for my mouth pain…. the restless leg will start within an hour… but it doesn’t do it in bed…. I take the med at least 6 hours before bed, because I noticed this pattern and took control….

Restless leg is the most annoying, aggravating condition out there… but at least I know mine is related to a brain injury at a young age… and I have learned how to not aggravate it… smoking a bowl will sometimes calm the nerves enough to relax what ever reaction my body is having at that moment in time, not always… but mostly….

We have had days of thunderstorms and heavy down pours… so loud, it wakes you from a deep sleep… so sleep is not something we are getting much of, because of all the weather… and hurricane season is just around the corner…. oh yea….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… and the legs that would not be still…..