PTSD, TBI, Neuropathy and truly giving up on the VA….

So much going on in our world and I watch as the Cathedral of Notre Dame burns to the ground and am reminded… nothing is permanent in this world… here today, gone tomorrow… and that is a true story….

The PTSD, the depression has been so much easier to handle, now that I am not taking Levothyroxine for my thyroid, which other than a few pounds of weight gain, all is well with my under active thyroid… so the depression that really took me down dark paths, was drug induced by man-made pharma…. thank you for selling us out FDA….

Neuropathy, the PT is teaching me a lot and I am trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible… all that head pain I was feeling when the Levothyroxine was poisoning me… was complicated by neuropathy…. there is so much that goes on with my issues, they all point back to neuropathy… so I am learning to recognize the signs and work with my body and not against it… so far it seems to be working….

TBI… oh my, how do I cover every little thing that goes on with this journey…. I lost my memories for over 50 years, it is an adjustment to the reality of what happened, the secrets still being kept by christians and most of all the secrecy of my own government… but that is something I will address upon our return to the mainland and we get moved into our home… So the journey about the memories will be ongoing, the battle with the government… time will tell…

As for the VA…It is the worse government agency I have ever had to deal with… Born into military life because of dad… taking up the helm myself as an adult and carrying that on into federal employment up to 96… VA has been the worse agency I ever had to deal with and they have millions of lives in their greedy corrupt hands… so our next purchase will keep us out of their reach and civilian health care is what I will continue to receive… probably using my medicare, more than my VA… Sometimes paying that 20% difference is just a peace of mind I get, when I don’t have to deal with corrupt federal employees…Β 

Time is going quickly… Almost all packed, except for what we need to live for the next 3 or 4 months… one more big project to do and it’s just waiting for the time to pass…

2 more PT appointments… and I hope they have taught me enough, so that I can do this on my own… we are looking at buying a home with a pool, so we can continue our activities… size of the house scares me though…. nothing on my eye surgery, so likely, when we get home and hopefully before I have permanent damage…I know nothing of this kind of eye issue, I just don’t like it!!!

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who stayed at the pool in Alabama after the boob incident… anything to keep out of Freda’s reach…