Trump & Zuckerberg, QUIT LYING!!!

Yesterday, around noon our time, I noticed issues with Face Book and that you couldn’t scroll or see other people’s posts or for that matter, you couldn’t get posts to take and stay on the page…

We just saw on the news about the outage and they are saying it started around midnight east coast time????


One thing about living were I do and having the set up I do… you always catch bastards in power lying their ass off…

Now Trump is tweeting threats that are getting a Senator threats against her life and family!!!


This is not America, where a lie is acceptable… this is the land, where you can worship what ever human god you want, you can live by the code of what you think you are, not what you were born as!!!! This is the land, where you can be the poorest person and end up rich beyond your dreams… If you work for it…

Trump and Zuckerberg are christians and have zero clue what Morality, Ethics, Values, Codes and most of OATH’s mean!!!

I want the America that fought to put down a crazed Nazi murderer, who went after those who killed and destroyed life, because we Americans at one time respected life….

If the American people got a DNA test, over half would find they are of African heritage, even though they are white as the moon!!!!

I miss the day, when if you didn’t want to believe in a man-made god and you wanted to live in a world of integrity, ethics, values and morales… you moved to America…

Not anymore!!! My family has been on this soil since the 1500’s… this is not the land our fore fathers fought and died for… it is being over run by lying, theiving christians…. True Story….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who never understood why people had to lie…. what are they so afraid of??? oh my bad… their shadow…..