Mothers Day, bah humbug!!!

I knew from an early age, I never wanted to have kids… I knew even as a young person, I didn’t have the patience needed, but I also knew something was wrong with me and since mommy dearest kept her hole shut, I never knew about the stroke, brain injuries or blunt force trauma fractures until I got my memories back Nov 7, 2017…. sigh….

I have a folder, been with me all over the world and in that folder is the few things my kids gave me… there are no cards for birthday or mothers day or christmas or valentines, but there are a couple of sketches my youngest son did… and the same son gave me a couple of pieces of jewelry…

I have been a mother for 45 years this coming September… yet I did not treat my kids the way my parents treated me… yet I still do not seem to deserve recognition for giving birth to children I didn’t plan to have… Nor am I given credit for raising them, paying for everything and being there for them….

Where were they for me???

My mommy dearest got into my kids head… the woman who could have done anything with her life, instead she resorted to lies, manipulation and bullying to get her way through life… seems like so much more work, than working for a good life??? Trump personified…

Nothing I can do about how my sons feel, nor do I care to try… at some point in time, they have to become adults and look at the world without the blinders they have worn most of their lives… I hope their grandmother gives them all they want… I am fresh out of giving…

Though my youngest son sent me flowers in 2016, first time I ever got flowers from my kids… and he used that as a tool to lash out at me… so any future gifts will be returned… no one has a right to lash out at me… NO ONE!!!

As for my grandchildren by blood… I have been yelled at, treated with so much disgust and disrespect… those kids have no clue how closed our relation became because of their behavior… they will learn, maybe… fixing stupid is not all that easy….

What I have enjoyed the most out of being a mother… is my stepdaughter Mystery… she has been a part of my life, since she was 13 years old… wow 25 years…. and she has apologized, loved and respected me… she has grown and become a beautiful young woman, who is now a grandma… and her children have never disrespected me in any way… my biological ones can not say that…

So though some think they have a right to shit on me, because I refuse to enable or condone the vulgar behavior they give me….

I am grateful for the daughter not of my blood and could not be prouder of the woman she has become and continues to grow as a person…..

I can only hope my sons do the same and take the Trump attitude they have towards me and shove it up where the sun does not shine… until they apologize…. we have nothing in common, except blood….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, because even my own sons became abusive!!!

I Remember… Margie and when she learned she was pregnant, knew her life would never be the same… a child conceived out of rape, so I let it live and have paid for that choice for 45 years!!!