WP still not happy…

We are going to try an get on laptop computer an see if hubby can find the option to change format back to what I CHOOSE!!!!

If we have time, busy getting all done… Container ordered an will be here the 3rd of June, hotels, rental vehicles, airlines, dogs travel, all set up, health certificate is the last to get on dogs…

Sadly my big monitor is boxed an seeing on a 15 inch screen when you are already struggling to see, this is so not fun an most of all disappointing that word press is agenda orientated and not people….

Hubby is smart, but if you do not play with apps an software, its like looking at greek letters or a puzzle…..hope for time later to work on it, my writing is at a stand still an all I had thought yesterday is gone… Memory damage is that bad an long hand will not happen with my issues…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, because christians THINK THEY OWN ALL LIFE AS THEY DESTROY IT!!!!

I Remember Margie an her fight to survive christians!!!


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