Frustration has hit….an wins…

All I can see in my minds eye, is the pop up stuff around the paragraph/block I am writing an all of a sudden my laptop is no longer a pen for me to write, an the elbow an hand tell me this Ipad will not work long……

Frustration, something I have lived with forever… an this time it is taking more than my innocence or soul or life… it is taking my outlet of silence the last 63 years an putting the silence back in place…..

People playing god with abortion laws, freedom of speech on face book an that censor is beyond Trump bigotry… because the owner is a christian an his beliefs that matter, not mine… just as WP changed things up, as is their right as owners… it is my right as a consumer to look else were….

So though I can not write as I like because of WP changing the program an placing visual cues in my only active vision area when doing up close stuff, what do I do now…

I doubt it matters to any but me, an here comes the depression… why???

Because an entity took control of my environment with no thought to the impact on me as a person or consumer… sounds a lot like how Trump is running our country… I have said for years the draft would come back… I also said no one has control over what I do… I was wrong…

Writing has lost its value…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell because a voice has to be heard….

I Remember Margie… and her silence…


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