I Remember the Pain of this Day….

Covered in bruises…

If you look and few people really do look at anything, you can see the blunt force trauma fractures and bruising…

For a long time now I have been trying to figure out why I have so much pain in my left rib cage area…. I know what broken ribs feel like and x-rays taken when I broke 2 on my right side, show the damage… not so on the left, but…. Bone Scans did show damage or uptake…

How does an adult take a 5 year old child and do this to it????????????? oh my bad, christians do this on a daily basis, because their god will forgive them…. holy crap on a cracker you can not fix stupid….

Anyhow, rant over… I noticed last night I did something that is total habit and because I was already having upper shoulder pain in my left arm, I noticed how I had my body titled to compensate for the weakness of the action I was doing with my left arm… a habit that goes back 52 years… to the stroke in Texas, caused by Freda and Don Bagwell….. they really should have locked those psycho paths up…..

So what I do, is tilt in my left shoulder when I am using my left arm and hand in conjuction with the right…. being aware of the stroke, has been an eye opener on the Air Force and Army and Navy not doing their job, let alone having a clue 35 years ago… speaks volumes for health care in the military….

This compensation method is a habit I will have to break and make the body work the way it always should have…. it does explain Freda’s intent on seeing me dead though… she really is one wack job…. to much to explain that statement, just years of watching the viper in action….

I want things to speed up and be done already and It’s just a normal routine to stay in shape and make the brain and left side communicate… but PT told me, this will be a life long struggle and I thought about that and it’s not….

The struggle was not knowing I had a stroke and the silence of Don & Freda Bagwell and the U.S. Air Force…..

I always knew something was wrong, even when the doctor I had here didn’t listen as early as 2017… I knew the college educated were just that and nothing more… and I would have to figure it out…

Well after the surgery last year and being down that long… I did figure it out and once I pushed for the EEG, MRI & MRA, we had the proof I had been looking for since 1967….

I had a stroke, died at the hands of Don & Freda Bagwell and my sister Peggy decided she was the victim and took my place… Peggy has no clue what pain is, Mike will tell you that for a fact… No MAN or WOMAN could endure what he sees me go through…. I bet McCain can relate….

Christians have been trying to rule our world for centuries and instead they insite war, famine, disease and death… all because they are bat shit crazy….

I am reminded daily of the perverse sickness of the religious and every time I walk, step, bend over, lift up my head, move an arm or leg or breathe… I am reminded of the cruelty and sickness of the christians on this planet…..

They believe in prayer, I believe in VooDoo…. so it’s a push on who’s crazier… me or them… and them…. wow, that garlic farm stock better grow…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie….