What happened to my Fear???

There are many forms of fear, some will be from a movie or story…. Some will be from a confrontation with another or any kind of assault…. Some fear may just be manifested in the imagination… thus the need, some humans think…. the need for a god…

We are repairing the ceiling drywall tape… This is a cathedral ceiling and I have to get up to the top of the ladder to reach the highest point, to do the repair… as we were tearing out the old paper, I climbed the ladder and felt zero fear… nada, nothing and stunned I looked at Mike and said….

I have no fear??? It does amaze me, how much of Margie has been buried due to brain trauma by her mother and father…. and Peggy thinks she is the victim… that’s a laugh….

It is just like the Zip line tour I did, when we had company here on Hawaii… I had no fear…… at all… in fact my company said I had a serious look on my face…. I guess adrenaline junky I will never be…

When it comes to repressed memories… knowing you have them, helps you make your way through the maze and chaos…

Not knowing you have them will make you exhibit other mental illness, such as Bi-polar or Persoanlity disorders…

I know I was misdiagnoised in the military and less than 15 years after discharge, I was told supposedly told… I had PTSD, that would have been 1998…. discharge in 83…. and another psych exam in 2010 and another confirmation of PTSD….

What all this means…. Thanks to Freda & Peggy both lying for decades…. I paid a huge price….. but they paid a bigger one and you ask how that can be… Margie is the one with the broken body…. that answer is simple….

Freda & Peggy & Don sold their soul….

I took mine back…. in the end, regardless of the physical handicap, given to me by christians…. I really came out on top…

I kept my soul…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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