Face book down???

Been busy all day an I sit down to update for the kids an can not post… Privacy setting just spins an it comes back as an error for posting…

Last time this happened they shut down my face book page…

I thought censorship was bad in communist countries I have been too, but face book is fast becoming a bigoted service…..

Could just be a hiccup at face book, impacting more than one, but I got no response from a message I sent to my daughter in messenger… smells like I am losing another page, but it could be hackers too….

We hired a contractor to do the drywall, hooray!!! Will be worth every penny….Hubby off to buy supplies for the man, who just happens to be our neighbor, who we met when we moved here… nice guy an sweet wife….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt USAF DAV I Remember Margie…..

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