Anger, Frustration, nope, just life……..

Face book censoring me is nothing new… I have hit a nerve with someone who knows me and they don’t like me showing them that religion is delusional… so we are suppose to continue to enable the mentally ill, that, I will never get….

Watching Trump in action and the corruption of the christian faith, just gags most of us to no end… but all we can do, is either get involved and I am to ill for that… or we vote…. or we use our voice and sadly…. people like Zuckerberg are now playing god and fucking with the 1st ammendment… all because they got caught with their panties down…. you really can not fix stupid…. and college educated does not make you smart… i.e. Trump….

Frustrating… because the guy we hired to do drywall all of a sudden is a no show and he’s our neighbor…

Ya know for me, my word is my bond… it’s all I got… I was born with nothing and I will die with nothing… but if nothing else, people know I did not lie to them… sadly this guy is catholic and you know where I am going… you just can not trust the religious…

So we watched videos, because here they do something different with the ceiling seams that are cathedral and Mike is prepping the area for me to install this mud and plastic strip… then we will fix a couple other areas that do not look real good and we are done… nothing more we can do to this house and property….

Been fighting a bacterial infection and no call back from my doctor who is fighting stage 4 cancer… so I am on my own, unless I want to use urgent care and take the risk of getting billed… VA system on Hawaii is deplorable… My mouth hurts, I am going blind and now my kidneys are unhappy…. it’s like they just want you to curl up and die, instead of treat you…. nothing new there either…

We have been seriously considering dumping face book… as with all censorship, if you leave it, those that stay, support censorship and that is a scary thought….

The day is heating up, the pain is manageable and tomorrow I will be doing ceiling drywall, oh yea….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, because of Christians like Zuckerberg….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie, who was raped and beaten to death before the age of 14 by chrisitians….. censor this page Zuckerberg…..