Tackling my Frustration….

Never dull in my life, something is always going on and when the birth family was a part of my life, it was non stop drama…. this morning after another censorship by god Zuckerberg… I am tired and beyond frustrated…. Silenced again by a christian…. nothing new there and as long as the delusional believe and we put them in office, it will not change… which begs the question, who the hell do I get to vote for??? Sure the hell won’t be the demi god Trump or any Republican or Democrat or anyone who profess’s to believe in make believe gods…. okay rant over….

This neuropathy junk mimics scleraderma, think I spelled that right, can’t find the spell check settings on this site anymore, they changed to much on me and I learn by repetition and I have stated that more times than I can count… and I paid for this site until 2020 fall… so, screw it…. either I catch them or don’t…..

This neuropathy makes things tight… the skin and the connective tissue…. PT gave me some exercises to do, and as long as I do them, it loosens up a little, but it’s like I walk around with a corn cob up my rear, it’s that stiff in my movements, sometimes….

Getting my fingers to function, that is the biggest headache and I use that hand ball to exercise the hands and weights for the arms… again, all that PT told me to do…

I can see some minor changes, but over all, it looks like this is a life long struggle, that I am just more aware of, now that I know about the stroke and near death…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell… ask men like Trump & Zuckerberg & Kavanaugh….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…..