Big Springs, Texas… Margie’s place of death….

Living on Hawaii and it hits summer, you hope with all you have… You got AC…. and last summer or just before, when the eruption was happening, we ordered one and it was installed and last night we slept like babies…. now that electric bill, ouch….

I dreamed last night, I was tired, exhausted after we went and bought our anniversary present… Wood bedroom furniture from Indonesia, stuff I had bought decades ago when overseas, but had to unload when getting my divorce and I never thought I would be able to afford it again… Cheaper than Ashley crap furniture!!!

The dream, took me a while to digest this morning, so our day started with coffee and news… and just before Mike went to walk the pups I told him what I remembered and it gave me a chill down my spine…

It was Big Springs, Texas… the baby, not of Don’s blood, had been born and Freda was in one of her moods and boy does she have a variety…. and she laid into him, the minute he walked in the door….

Larry & I got involved, him a scrawny 6 foot 15 year old and me a scrawny 13 year old and between the 2 of us, we still didn’t weigh as much as Don… but we went for it and tried to stop the fight….

Larry was beat to a pulp and sadly I never saw him again after that night…. I was already dead…. How I survived has yet to be revealed… but the Neurologist I saw earlier this year told me I could get all my memories back… and for one reason only…. the MRI & MRA showed no brain death, just damage….

Being so young, 13 years old and having a self awareness and high IQ, is probably the only thing that did save me… because Peggy dearest did her damndest to get me beat after that death… close we never were, except as little girls and I had to grow up fast to survive….

Last night still leaves me shaken and the goose bumps up and down my body… and for a very good reason….

I am remembering….

#MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember…. Margie….