Word press has lost my business!!!!

I like a dumb dumb accidentially paid for this site until fall of 2020….

I just spent the last several minutes trying to get into my site!!!!!

So I am over you word press and your inability to code and NOT FUCK UP MY SITE!!!!

I get our living on Hawaii and using satellite internet is not the most reliable… but when, you only have PROBLEMS WITH ONE SITE!!!!! you know who the culprit is…..

It’s bad enough I got to put up with pasty white assholes who think they are god on face book, but now I got to put up with kids who change algorythyms without testing!!!!!

So over this crap and ready to use something else… only one problem, I am half blind and know this site enough to make it work!!!!

Surgery is this summer on my eyes and I will be looking for another site to use and dump this pain in the ass site, which is no different than using fucked up face book, because some dumb ass human decides to play god…

Welcome to the real world of gods… and thy name be Word Press and Zuckerberg and Trump… geeeee didn’t think there was more than one god for this earth, but I guess, you make it up as you go….

So much for what I had planned to write… it went out the door after several minutes just trying to get this site to work!!!

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie!!!