Reconcile the past to move forward???

What I had planned to write since early this morning, is exactly what the title says…

When Don died in 06, I shed no tears and I was not by his side, you’ll have to go back and read what mommy dearest and the half sister did….

Yet, when he died, I wonder why I felt no pain or loss???

We left the area and went to spend 9 months down at Khino Bay, in Mexico… we had a 5th wheel, house was rented and I just veged…. and thought and thought… so I worked on my first memorial video and it was about Don… Freda was not impressed and again, I thought and thought…

By the time 2010 rolled around and I stood in Freda’s kitchen and confronted her about my missing memory…. I had already reconciled Don’s death and life, how little did I know I wasn’t even close….

Once I knew Freda and Don both had injured me, I started fighting the VA system for tests and answers… needless to say, I didn’t get those answers until Dec 2018 after the MRI came back…. a stroke, decades old and TIA (brain bleeds) and likely more than one….

Between Don’s death and Dec 2018, I worked and fought my way into the light and I got nothing but lies from Freda and Peggy… both so afraid I would expose the kind of people they truly are….

Reconciling Don’s death was very easy and no tears, because I did what he could not… I showed him kindness and love… I never left the house without hugging him and kissing him…. I wanted nothing but that on his brain when he lay dying… His time to own his behavior, he deliberately let slip by, because he did not have the courage to own his life….

I have treated Freda, Peggy and the rest, just like I did Don and not one can say the same and not one will ever own their lives and that will be what I remember the most about my birth family…. 1 woman corrupted them all and the shame is so great, they would rather double down like Trump…. I shake my head on that… a god, you can not see and touch is more important than…. me, and always has been, because it lets them believe they are forgiven and that I have not done, but their make believe god did??? just wow.!!!….

Time, they say heals all wounds and that is a religious head fake… What heals the wounds is knowledge and when the living refuse to contribute that knowledge and hide behind a make believe friend called god…. well, you just got one option and sadly…. Amazon is all sold out of the “You Can’t Fix Stupid Kits”…. I would buy stock if I could find that same magical company store christians shop and hide the skeletons in…. just saying….

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