Maggi, Okinawa 1971 edited

Naha AFB, at the private cove summer 71

Notice anything odd???

Can you spot the issue????

I was doing my exercises, like a good girl… okay, I am making myself do the exercises and as I was laying on the floor working my left leg and image came to mind and it was on Okinawa at Naha AFB and I was with Wayne and a few other guys, giving each other shit as usual… I was more like a kid sister to these guys going to Vietnam….

Anyhow, the memory popped into my mind and the 2 pictures confirm what I have been denying and why I am so angry… because it all really happened………….

Can you spot the issue in the picture???

I had a stroke at 13 years old on the right side of the brain… which means it impacted the left side of my body…

In both pictures my left leg is turned out and for someone who is suppose to be perfectly healthy, that is a red flag that no one, to this day caught and I have the medical records to prove it….

By the time this picture was taken, I was old enough to seek medical care If I thought I needed it at any military facility… as long as I was a dependent daughter….. last time I got health care as a dependent daughter… I got my tonsils removed at the Persidio in San Francisco, I think that’s Army, but I was only 19 I think and just before I got pregnant the first time…

Sorry I digress…. okay wake up call… last nail in the coffin of Don & Freda and Air Force Cover up…..

The reason I can’t keep my left leg turned in, is directly related to the stroke…. and PT this spring worked that leg most of the time I was seeing them and I do exercises to work it at home and it still turns slightly out, but not like it used too….

The wake up call…. It all really happened and I have got to quit being pissed, because it’s not getting me anywhere and I really do have to stop the denial and accept what the birth family did to me…. wow, shook my head on that one…

Now I am watching as places like face book and other organizations play god…

Ya know, that garlic farm is going to become real popular, wonder if I can get investors, we could have rides and everything anti something…. that should make everyone but one person happy….

the one who didn’t think of it first….

If memory serves me right, I was 17 when this picture was taken….around the last time Don Bagwell hit me upside the head an knocked me 10 feet across the room on my knees, oh an on carpet, an of course I was in shorts, summer, Okinawa, hello….my knees an face looked so pretty…. probably why Don went for humanitarian reassign an thats a whole different story, but connected to that last blow…..

spooky isn’t it Freda, what I know an best of all, remember….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…