Hello Charlie horse….

Nothing like being woke up at 3AM by a charlie horse in my calf and it woke me from a sound sleep, which I was not happy about… but, the memory that came forward I was very happy about….

I can remember before the near death and stroke at 13… I had internal issues… because of the blunt force trauma from 5 years old and TV interview beating…. but I didn’t have issues with my muscles, with cramps or any of the weird stuff that started after the stroke…. i.e…… charlie horse’s….

When it happened this morning, my first memory of having those cramps was around the time we moved to Japan and I found it odd that I didn’t have to participate in PE like the other kids???

Again it goes back to accepting that my parents, not only being bat shit crazy, were criminal and should have spent years behind bars… instead they made their own prison by saying their god was real and it forgave them for everything… honest you can’t fix stupid and Amazon, well they just keep selling out of the kits….

I have one more face book page to delete…. I have to agree with the shrinks on this one… Face book is not healthy and is a dummying down environement for those seeking what ever it is they are seeking… but honestly, even those I thought were not out there, put posts on face book that begs the question, who let them out???

Hubby has his page, but for how long, when the kids realize, he won’t respond to their bull shit or drama or anything… he really does not like it and it’s difficult for him to type with his RA…. so another source of communication… gee, I don’t know, pick up the phone and call???

We have quit discussing where we want to live… watching Trump and his base in action is just a reminder that christians like Kennedy got us into the wars and kept us there when we should never have been their to begin with…. Trump and his base are in it for control and frankly, I am enjoying the show… why???

Because you can’t fix stupid… I keep telling ya, Amazon is on back order….. I really need to buy that garlic farm….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember…Margie….