The brain revolts when changes happen….

Okie dokie…. 20 months I have had my memory and remembering my past…. and have I made ANY progress of ANY kind??? Mike thinks so and so do I… yet, I still have work to do and I really try hard not to beat myself up for not accomplishing it all in one big bang experiment…. not happening…. the big bang experiment….

Word Press gave me my aha moment tonight… and it was a brutal wake up call, and it explains the frustration I felt in the past, when trying to learn something new…. and how hard it was for me and all the time not knowing I had a stroke and 1 definite TIA, I think at least 3 TIA’s….

I have become reclusive, because to go out and be myself among people, I will invariably say something and I’ll get that look, not always, but enough times, so that I prefer my home, where unfiltered, you know it before you enter my door….

What has that to do with Word Press…. well, they, like any platform have to make improvements and changes to accomodate all of the consumers they are trying to reach….. every time Windows changed it’s platform I went through the same thing, probably explains why I like DOS and the like… now I would struggle to do those….

Word Press is forcing me to adapt or walk away…. and I really do get a kick out of writing and the book has a great interest for me…. and recognizing why I am frustrated and instead of beheading the maker… the user needs to adapt…. and with my big screen Bertha set up, I can now see the options, though I got no clue how some of this works and may not figure it out till my eye surgery….

Funny how all my IQ and knowledge and it just takes looking at it from a different perspective… I think Occam’s razor fits for this analogy in simplicity and I think I settled on the right one… I set myself up to fail… just another road block to keep me from reaching my goal to….

Remember everything…..the memory is there, I just have to want it bad enough….

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