TBI an learning, never dull….

Realtor challenged me to learn 2 new apps in a very short 24 hours, in between everything else I am doing…..

For those who never had a brain injury, go take a nap… only us lucky ones get this challenge…..

Before the brain injuries, learning was easy…but by the time the boob incident happened, not yet 9 years old, it was all about survival, not how smart I was….

When I had to repeat 4th grade, I was angry and very confused, because I lost time because of the boob beating… this tells me my first severe brain injury was at this time an it fits with the memories that have come back so far….

Vision issues started at this time, already had internal problems and neurology confirmed those injuries and PT confirmed the earlier injuries… wow, how did Margie survive and still come out better in life than the christians who beat her to death????????

The apps the realtor wanted me to use are similar with software I own in professional level…what hinders me, vision, but got Vimeo an set up goggle drive, an so far she is seeing the pics an I just sent her a link for Vimeo….

Watching the news is depressing, how christians are treating migrants…Not one person in America can say they are indigenous to the Americas, unless native….an Trump is not their favorite….such a self deprecating human is Trump, but so is my birth family…lol, now that is pathetically sad….

Hot day, wind, drone video getting better an I will post a link with my blog of video of Hawaii, it really is a beautiful island…just hot an muggy right now….an UV is 12 or higher….

Hurricanes started already, so to town to stock up…we have room to store a year supply of dry goods, yep in this little house…you get inventive….

Aloha an Mahalo for reading my story….

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