Turned off, but Tuned In…..

I quit face book last week on both pages after they censorsed me… isn’t it amazing those border guards were exploiting and doing the worse and posting it on face book, but because I got under one of my christian relatives skin, I got censored… because if you think I believe I got singled out of millions by face book, I would tell you get a reality check…. my writing has the family worried about how much I remember… there be tons of skeletons in the Bagwell Cooper clans closets and most involved are now dead, so I get to write what I remember and the family can bite my white ass…. it really does need some sun, just saying it could blind ya….

The psychology studies I have read about social media, I kind of bought into, but doubted it until it happened to me….

I am always trying to find out what things bother, trigger memories, bring up bad feelings, yada, yada, yada… because I want to know why I do what I do… and until I got confirmation with the MRI & MRA… I was speculating… Was is the operative word….

The news in our house gets turned on, but it has gotten to the point where we discuss our upcoming day, and with in an hour of getting up, we are busy with our day and the TV is ignored and has become predictable, just like it did when Nixon was brought down…. you just wait for the climax, just like you would with a crappy lover and you just keep waiting…. democracy is slow, but it sure as hell is entertaining….still waiting for that climax though and seeing as who the operator is Trump… it be slow in coming…. just saying…but he’s not my type…. as the man says… is he really a man?????

Hubby says no contact from anyone via messenger… I deleted my accounts, I figure why stay, where they censor and my blog, good luck with stopping that family dearest… lol, you putz’s are so entertaining and it really explains why I kept my distance after I left home, the poison is that sickening….

Sorry I digress, I hear the hum of the drone and hope we have good footage today for the realtor and she can update the website and we can get the house sold…

We really do not know where for sure we want to move to…. but we are looking… it will be East or Western Washington….. guess when we see the place we will know that is the one….

Depression has backed off completely and I am just tired, which is normal with a stroke, even one as old as mine, it is a life time scenario once the stroke happens…. getting off social media got my brain out of the thought process that was not healthy and very clouded and it just leaves me with one desire…

That the rapture happen and take the assholes that are creating the crisis at the border and in our nation…. and just maybe the rest of us can live in harmony, instead of fear of christians….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….