Why am I signing in so much????

Okay, I get it… the internet is under attack and IP’s rotate and yada yada yada…. but unless I do some specific things on my end…. I should not have to sign into this web site!!!! and I had something cool to right about and the thought… gone…..

Word Press has become a royal pain in my back side, much like what face book had become…. and it feels, don’t get this wrong, paranoia is not on the table… but it feels like censorship by this web site……

Like I said, I was a dummy and paid up till the fall of 2020…. so just like being one of Trumps victims… not a damn thing you can do about it!!!

Every time I see weird on the internet with certain companies, I know what is happening and I tell Mike and we wait for it to come out in the news…. just a FYI, I have yet to be wrong….

I also realize that when you have weather and power failures and all that goes on, when living in the middle of the pacific things get weird… yea right an again I got the tower of London for sale… I been doing this crap for 40 years, give me a break… but it does not explain why I am having to sign into this website, when I have NOT CHANGED ANYTHING!!!!!!! so suspcious I have become, once companies play god, they never turn back and dear old Zuckerberg is finding out Hawaii does not want him here or his corruption….

I be just a little human in a sea of billions, but that 7th 8th and 9th sense life gave me, sure makes watching the corruption fun, and again like I said… I always tell Mike what I see and we wait for the media to confirm….

We have had power failure today, just like always, my stuff is well protected and battery backup, so any thing like I mentioned above, not going to impact me…

But as with anything negative in life, this web site has fast become that… and not a positive or healthy environment for someone with TBI’s…

So I will watch and notate all that I see and see if the incursion is coming from another direction or from the web site it’s self… just got to have time to do just that and slow, things have yet to get to that point… we are trying to sell a house….

Best get off before the thunderstorms kick up, winds are here and humidity makes it feel like a wet 95 degrees outside… so inside, AC on and other work needs finishing….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….