2 days in a row, had to sign into this damn Word Press web site!!!!

Okie dokie, not that I am completely pissed again, I had to sign into this web site again, in less 24 hours!!!

There is no excuse for this crap!!!! I have not changed my setup, nor have I changed anything with any of my other sites or set up… yet for some reason, WORD PRESS IS MAKING ME SIGN IN EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay rant over…. can I recommend this web site…. NO!!!!

It’s like dealing with Windows 3.1 and them changing it up and didn’t fix all the bugs before they made it public!!!!!!

Like I said before… this is really starting to feel like FULL BLOWN CENSORSHIP……

Must make those who are working so hard to shut me up happy….. hate to disappoint, but a book deal is there IF I choose to pursue it… keep pissing me off and I just may do that!!!

Sgt. USAF DAV Maggi