Pot and PTSD….

Some time today, the last of our plants goes up in smoke… ever see that movie… never laughed so hard and the other day we rolled up next to someone and all of a sudden they open the windows of their rig and the smell just wafted over all of us at the stop light and we started laughing…. but driving under the influence, wouldn’t recommend it…

Why are we quitting… it impacts depression, though not like it did when on Levothyroxine thyroid drug and just a FYI, I am 5 pounds from where I was, when I quit the medication… so it took me less than 6 months to get my weight where I want it….

Pot is also impacting Mikes cognitive ability and with a person who used to drink heavily, the brain already has issues, so quitting is the right thing to do for us…

How will we deal with the pain… Like I said before I don’t promote products, but this Bio-Astin Hawaiian supplement works and Mike has aggressive RA and it helps with his issues, which is every joint in his body… and it helps with my Neuropathy and blunt force trauma damage… exercise and being active and a good diet too makes a difference… and these are lifestyle changes we have been doing since we both got sick….

My PTSD, if I am correct on what is happening… even though I have had PTSD since the beating at 5 years old… so 60 years that demon has walked with me… but… it is slipping away and I know that, because I have control over the depression and I never used too….

The advantage of the high IQ is now coming into play, though it always has played along, I just had to accept it and I do now… and I ignore the words from the past and the lies… the current testing shows it, so acknowledge it, accept it and no more playing stupid for anyone…..

Psychology is playing a huge role right now, I have to evaluate, tear everything apart and make sure I am looking at things from a open perspective and positivity… not always possible, the anger is still in place, but that level has come down and it’s more of pity and disgust for the players that hurt a child…. and call themselves christian… hypcropisy at it’s best just look at Trump, Kavanaugh, Thomas, Ascosta, Clinton, JFK and the list goes on, because your agenda makes their crimes acceptable…

Until it happens to you….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

I have every right to be angry and the more our government condons and covers up sexual abuse and sex trafficking, we are anything but a great nation…. we are the arm pit of deprevation…..because of christians….