Christians are killing the only god known to humans….

You watch as the bigots who have done the worse to humans, are now doing the worse to the only real true god….our planet…..and when they are done destroying all that are not mentally ill like them, they will destroy our only home…


You can not fix stupid, when you believe a god will forgive you and you fail to ask the victims for forgiveness….. Why… because you will never meet your god, until you are six feet under….

We are made of super novas, as is our god…Mother earth…. without her, no religion will survive and maybe thats for the best, you can’t pollute the universe with your insanity…

What is happening at the border is beyond inhumane it is sinful, per your man made bible… Hypocrisy at its best….

Sgt USAF DAV I Remember Margie….

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