Face Book & Messenger are no more in our household… edited

After the censorship by a white christian called Zuckerberg… the writing was on the wall for the division of America by racist like him and Trump….

Men in power, protecting men in power… just like my tag line above says….

Until women decide they are tired of being told what to do with their body by men or other women, things in America won’t change… For some bizarre reason people think you got to have a partner in crime to make it through life instead of relying and depending upon themselves and I blame that on white man’s religion and the head fake psychology they use to infiltrate your homes….

After hearing about the missionary the other day, it was just a rerun of priests assaulting kids… or the Baptist community that raped over 900 people or the warped Mormon community, yada, yada, yada…. Amazon needs to restock the “You can’t fix stupid kits”….

The more I am off the internet and not watching the continious rhetoric of the news, the less depressed I feel and the less confused I feel…. because you step back and see what is going on for what it is….


No different than what religion does… Trump and his white racist are manipulating the weak minded, and mentally confused and doing exactly what Hitler did…. or the KKK…. did I tell you about my experience in the deep south and that ugly KKK??? Amazing what memories have come back… excited for more….

Either you choose to be led by your nose and manipulated because you are already mentally ill or you take a reality check test and go see someone in mental health, so the indocternation of religion is excised from your mind…. but you won’t…. because of fear….

It is interesting to watch…. Hubby told me he quit face book and told the kid… so it’s phone or text if you want to reach us, and our numbers have not changed in 10 years…. so no excuse….

Well the day is started, pups back from their walk and things to get done, before to hot to move….. this week is dental impressions and eye surgical consult…. excited to move forward….

Have a beautiful day and tune out of social media and the news… talk, you might learn something about your humanity….

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Sgt. USAF DAV I remember…. Margie