Rumbling at night….

Every morning, I walk around and look for things out of place….

Meaning… it has to have moved a inch or more from it’s original location….

Because our home is built on stacked lava rock, with a nicely poured foundation, you can feel heavy equipment when it rolls by the property IF… you have your feet on the floor or ground and are not moving or talking… you can feel the vibration…

A habit I have, go around, before done for the day and make sure the movie’s, drawers on the jewelry box are all pushed in place in their cabinets or cases….

This morning, all the drawers of the jewelry box had slid forward a inch….

Makes me wander just how active is Mauna Loa getting or was it Kilauea???

Living on active volcano’s is an experience only those of us who get to live it, will ever appreciate…. and I did it on Japan, Italy and now Hawaii….

Sometimes ya just got to appreciate what life gave you in experiences and absorb it all in, because only one god can give us this and that is….

Mother Earth….

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Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…