KellyAnn Conway LIES!!!

Before Trump, veterans were actually getting good health care, eyes, ears, nose, throat, teeth, surgeries…..

After Trump became president, it was hurry up and DIE!!!

As a 100% Disabled U. S. Air Force veteran for the last 35 years I have been in the VA system…. and!!!!

Until OBAMA… we were dying, because of the REPUBLICANS!!!

Now you can believe what ever rhetoric you want… but Kelly Ann Conway is a liar… they are killing veterans, because they cut funding, services and took away our outside care through the insurance programs…..

We are now back 100% under the control of the Corrupt Veterans Administration and because I have MEDICARE….

The VA has no use to me, except for what Medicare does not cover and even after that, it still costs me…..

Christians wormed their way into our government and you are seeing what lying, raping, stealing and murdering gets you….

A seat on the Supreme Court and in the White House and in the Senate…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, because of men in power protecting men in power and one of these days, women will decide to think with their brains and not with the what ever they call brains…….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie… who is just watching a repeat of history and frankly that garlic farm is going to be massive….