Cuba, Sonic attack, changes brains so says American doctors??? When did they get so smart all of a sudden???

I started complaining when I went in the military 1977, 10 years after the severe brain injury and bitched about sharp pain in my ears, sleep issues, headaches, nauseau, vertigo, fatigue, weakness, yada, yada, yada… and all of a sudden American doctors are getting a clue??? or was it just flat out incompetence by the Air Force doctors at Vance AFB from 1977 to 1983 and Yokota 1983 to 1987 and VA 1987 to 2017????????????

Who is going to take responsibility????

I pushed a civilian doctor here on Hawaii to get my answers from injuries that happened under the Air Force’s watch…. it took from 1967 to 2017 before I got someone who was not controlled by our government to get me some answers… is that because the principal players are all dead??? Am I being paranoid??? or???

Could it be that health care in America for veterans and their dependents is the worse in the world???

Regardless, all the symptoms the people at the Cuba embassy complained about… I have medical records that go from 1977 active duty to now… that show I was ignored, repeatedly, because of ignorance, bigotry, bias, incompetence, negligence… oh my goodness I could go on indefinitely like whining baby Trump….

Morale of this little rant…. ask for 2nd 3rd, 4th opinions in medicine in America….

You know your body and brain, mostly…. as long as you haven’t had brain injuries… but you live in that skin, trust yourself… trust what your body and brain is telling you, but most of all be honest with yourself, trust yourself and don’t research on line…. holy crap on a cracker, that is like representing yourself in court…. only fools go that route..been there done that!!!.

Our doctors and mental health may not be the brightest… but they have what you and I don’t have… an education and I have made use of that education to my advantage the last couple of years… it took me that long, because I didn’t remember the abuse or injuries and my christian family was not opening their christian mouths…. so the journey has been a battle against corrupt health care in the military and VA system…. and I am so glad a civilian doctor here on Hawaii….. Listened…..

I can’t undo the past or the corruption of other humans… I can only become more aware, more informed and more knowledgeable…. and like the neurologist said… this is on me to choose to continue to remember….

I will never trust the health care system in America and I am very glad I sought a 2nd opinion on the cataract surgery… I feel comfortable with my selection and the VA is out of the loop… turning 65 makes Medicare my primary if I so choose and I have had my stomach full of VA death care… but I have fingers crossed the implants happen, losing weight is okay, but by choice, not because I can’t chew and soft diet, never been a fan… I like my meat…

Mike is clearing more of the acre that we own… lots of deep holes, so caution when cutting wild brush down, plus, we think pigs or weasels are roaming the land at night, dogs have to much fun when running around smelling last nights leavings…. so we need to figure out a way to block them…. they carry a disease that killed one of our dogs when we moved here… very ugly death… miss you big boy….

The day is started, the news is turned off and listening to history about the real Egypt and not the lies the bible spread…. did ya know Moses was born thousands of years AFTER the pyramids were built??? and did ya know he was never connected to the royal family, but was a soldier who murdered some one up high and he stole the African laws and made the Ten Commandments??? Did ya know???

Truth is always welcomed in my home… how about yours???

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie, but seems to me, many don’t want anyone too….