Abnormal Brain Wave… pre seizure activity???

I have said lately, headaches, lots of them… all on the left pariteal temporal area… basically opposite of my strokes… and brain damage….

I wrote earlier about how the young Hawaiian behaved and just a FYI, she was dressed professional… so she wasn’t some kid off the street… and she went after me starting with that damn mountain Mauna Kea??? Got me on that one… Aloha is definitely dead on Hawaii and between the Safeway employee and this young woman, in less than a week, I am over the domestic terrorism going on the mountain… and frankly they lost all my support… end of story….

When entering Walmart, I felt the dizzy feeling come over me, no headache, the last headache was yesterday…. just dizzy and very warm and way off balance…

After the young Hawaiians hateful tirade… we did our shopping and tried to go to the other stores, but I was spent… done in… so we went to my dental appointment and it just continued down hill from that point on… we never finished our shopping….

Between the young woman attacking me and the onset of the symptoms… I am drained and spent and ready for that big ole bed, which is still a couple hours away….

It makes me wonder if the headaches are an indication of a nonconvulsing epileptic symptom…. won’t know till I see neurology and will have to undergo a more extensive EEG, lots more bells and whistles on the big test, from what I have been told… but all of this may be for naught and might have to wait till we move…

The buyers yesterday are making inquiries into the property and we have been providing information all day, between my appts.. so interest is there for the house and now we just wait and see…

Dentist added a tooth to the partial and one bite of my sandwich and I couldn’t get the partial out fast enough… I think a few days of no partials and allowing the gum some relief, I’ll be able to eat normal and only time will tell… if not, I will be making an emergency appt for next week to see the dentist again…

Do I have seizures… this one is hard to answer, because it’s very possible I am at the minimul level on the nonconvulsive form…. but if that is what I have… that too can have an impact on memories, if they have been happening for decades…

Day over… so glad I don’t have to go into town any time soon… till my eye surgery… can stick close to home and Keauu for all my shopping needs… so over bigots on Hawaii….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie… I will never forget you Uncle Lee… a true native Hawaiian….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell because of men in power like Barr, protecting men in power like Trump and Kavanaugh….

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