Democracy destroyed by Christians…

Have you noticed as a Woman in America… YOU HAVE NO SAY ABOUT YOUR BODY???!!!

So SLAVERY in America is not dead, because CHRISTIANS think… mind you not well, but they try so hard… but they THINK they have a say OVER MY BODY!!!!

Oh please, any mother fucking Christian out there, if you think you have a say over my body…. bring it, and not on the internet… bring it front and center and I have a big dog, that will take a healthy bite out of your balls or twat… he’s not biased like you…. and when he’s done… I’ll take my turn, even at 65 I can kick your sorry cowardly ass…..

Not very nice is it??? Neither are Chrisitans…

My body is full of broken bones from my head to my toes by the age of 5… All at the hands of Christians…

My first sexaul encounter I was 12 years old and a SSgt. USAF chrisitan decided he would rape me, while I laid next to his daughter….

My parents, who are chrisitan and know their god, beat me to death the following year and left me with a TIA and Stroke on the brain…

By the time I was 14, my chrisitan parents, because I pissed off the head viper christian beat me again and gave me another stroke….

By the time 17 got here I had had multiple strokes and TIA’s at the hands of chrisitans… such good people these chrisitans…. they think they own my body????

One of my blogs never made any traction… now I know it hit twitter, because I have someone else monitoring that action….

Censorship by white people is nothing new… Experienced from every group of people I ever lived among… because their god is so real and powerful, it couldn’t stop me… so the humans try…. wow….

As for Word Press… censorship by a company I am paying… the posts were delayed this morning, because someone is reading them before they hit the internet…. and we had clear skies and full blown satellite signal….

I expect this to continue… the Nazis in Germany are making themselves known and I wouldn’t be surprised if they owned this Word Press, that is the base for them… for the Word Press owner….have you noticed Germany is having monitary issues???….

Not the first time I encountered being silenced or someone trying to silence me… and it won’t be the last… because frankly…. I plan to do anything and everything I can to show how ugly Christians truly are…

And if I want a gay pride parade, I’ll damn well get one, what makes you more special than me??? … who thinks they are better than someone who says they are gay???? You, a chrisitan???… that is bigotry at its best…. and that is a fact…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell because chrisitans have been silencing the innocent for centuries…their smoke and mirrors are starting to crack….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie and her fight to bring down the chrisitan faith….

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