100% Service Connected Veteran, now forced to starve…

While eating dinner and I have not been able to use the partial, so it’s what teeth I got and I bite into a piece of texas toast and here comes the rest of my bridge with the pontif on it… you know the fake tooth…

I now have a root and from what I can see with my own instruments… it explains why my bone is sore, the tooth is dead and it looks like the bridge has been leaking for a long time…

No pain, yet, because I took something for pain a few hours ago… wanting to throw up, because I can no longer chew food on the right side of my mouth and the left side is so sore and inflamed, it won’t let me use it at all…

Since this started a couple months ago… I have lost 20 pounds… at my age, weight lost should be managed…. the dogs got my dinner….

Why the Veterans administration is making me suffer, has to be the result of the IG complaints and my ripping federal employees a new asshole… thin skinned is an understatement….

Mike is contacting the senators office, because now, the stress is triggering heart issues and stomach issues….

For anyone out there that is a veteran… do not do what I did and rock the boat… the old timers told me this would happen, and damn if they aren’t right…

No clue what will happen now… but I have no way to eat or chew food effectively and with a hiatal hernia that floats and the neuropathy… I could choke to death because I can’t chew my food… an my heart is beating out of my chest… I just don’t have the money to take care of this myself….

As a 100% Service connected disabled veteran… I shouldn’t have to beg for my health care….

I am now back to the weight I was in Jan of this year, before I quit the thryoid medication… 142 pounds…. looking sexy is not my goal, staying healthy is….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, I did and I pay for it every time I have to fight for my VA health care…. Men in power protecting men in power….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember…. Margie….

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