Depression, on it’s way like Dino….

I got it at a young age, by the time I was 6 or 7… I was depressed… Made me an easy target by christians to be brain washed… even got baptized twice, because of the parents beating on me and abuse by others… didn’t do any good at that time and it won’t change anything at this time…

I lost all faith in psychatrity when they made my 6 year old feel like a rapist… and he was the one who got raped ON a FEDERAL INSTALLATION!!!

When he came out of counseling, because I knew how important it was to make him understand he did nothing wrong… and he looked up at me with adult eyes for a 6 year old and said…”mommy, you told me I didn’t do anything wrong, and I said you didn’t, and he said… but they make me feel like I was the one who did something wrong”….

That is the whole conversation and as I walked him to my dental clinic, as I was still on duty… I told him….”You never have to go back an talk to those people”… just a fyi, they were christians….

So between my own depression with what happened to me in my short time on earth… I had the guilt of what I let happen to my own kid….

and those men in power at Vance AFB… made sure I had no reputation when I left the Air Force…. much like what Trump is doing in the 21st century… happended to me at Vance AFB circa 1983….

christians made it to the white house… you know, I never met a true christian… because their isn’t a snow balls chance in hell any of them can live up to the rhetoric they spout… i.e. Trump, Kavanaugh, Thomas, Graham, Mconnell….. shall I go on???

It’s changing… the chemical reaction in the brain is changing… because I want to change the way I make certain choices pertaining to certain circumstances….

With all I am dealing with and can prove the infection, because the blog is my diary of every appt and conversation…

I have been fighting for my life… and that bucket of shit… keeps smelling like intelligence and not roses….

No hot flush’s in my skull, the numbness is gradually going away and only those areas that have always been an issue are numb…

Perseverance to have a healthy life and the Veterans administration is doing everything they can to end my life… and I thought it was just the family that was freaked, because I remember….

A little dramatic yes, but I am tired of the pain, headaches and all the other symptoms I have lived with for a couple years…. all because NO ONE LISTENED!!!!!!

To call yourself a health care professional… you have to have your head out of your ass and LISTEN!!!!!

9 times out of 10, none of them can remember our previous conversations…. and these are the people we are trusting with our lives…..

Holy Crap on a Cracker!!!!

I Remember… Margie…