Waiting on Surgeon…

Okay, I am done… UNCLE… the clinic told me yesterday they sent everything out to the surgeon and the VA…

Called the surgeon this morning to make appointment and they got VA emergency authroization… oh yea… but nada from the dental clinic???

Oh boy, what if just popped back into the drop in dental care between the VA and the clinic… because I called them yesterday afternoon and they told me they had done all they were suppose to do and the surgeons office says nope they didn’t… is that what happened to the VA request for implants??? wow???

If the surgeon can not get me in this week for me to sit in their waiting room till they can squeeze me in oh yea for that physical pain it will cause from so much confined sitting…. they say it will be October??? ARE YOU FOR REAL???

I have been in tears, screamed and yelled this morning, to the point, my husband has been in tears, because he sees me in so much physical and emotional pain… abandoned by my own government…. about the way I felt when I went in for rape counseling… that was a total joke!!!

I so get why veterans take their lives… I so get it, when I feel this defeated and stomped on…

I earned what I am being denied… I earned it with 5 1/2 years of active duty service…. I earned it by the gang rape by officers…. I EARNED MY HEALTH CARE!!!!!

But dead someone wants me… dead, no voice, no sound, no light….

Christians have been trying to steal my light since the day I could tell a christian they were nothing but humans, hiding behind a man made god, so they could act like gods….

My light is not for sale… not for health care, not for your respect… nada… My light will continue to shine, it will be a long, painful, expensive road… but it will continue to outshine the corrupt christians who are destroying our democracy…..