Best time to shop for Kapuna…

The eye drops doc ordered for me from VA, we both missed one of them… an surgery is very soon…

Call surgeons office, they call script to walmart an this morning it is ready….

We head into town before 8am an traffic was congested…. but rush hour here, not really….

Get to store, tired, pain to much coffee an looking for escape…. everyone was so nice, in fact, lots of peeps our age…

I think the kids may have lost Aloha, but not the seniors called kapuna….

I think my new shopping time is very early from now on…Till things wind down over the TMT an Mauna Kea… kids are angry an we are just a little tired of the bigotry an bullying…sad, but true….

MLS is being updated, to a lower price an we wait an see….

This just twitched, WP an Ipad not all that friendly….