Here we go again…😳

Last buyers whose offer we countered, had declined…

But we lowered the price, cut back what we were letting go an they are coming back Monday for a detailed inspection… to see if they want to jump on it before we go public with price reduction… I do have a good realtor….

Maybe Monday we will be sold…. long weekend ahead, breaking down extra furniture an bagging it for shipment, so I can clean carpet, plan we had already started… an getting ready for the price reduction…

No wake up by mouth last night… YEA😂 talking, not easy, inside left cheek is chewed raw an stings with sugar or salt an hurts to talk lots, so hubby doing all that for us….

Watching the market, been down this road before and it was corrupt christians who did it before an still doing it…honest, only the ignorant blames the fed chair when head moron is pulling the strings an that is normal christian behavior… CORRUPT!!!!

You can not fix stupid, stupid has to decide life is worth living, and not hide from it because of religion which is 100% MAN MADE!!!! Guess some people need to be told right from wrong….