Neuro melt downs… AH HA Moment….

Holy crap on a cracker… sitting there thinking about something, no clue what, probably off meditating, it happens so easy… anyway… get to the damn point already!!!!!

I documented the neuro meltdowns and all of the symptoms….

Back in time… around Aug or Sept last year, infection, got put on a bactrium type drug… complained of headaches, they ran DNA tests, did the MRI & MRA, sent me to Orthopedic…. and are you frigging kidding me I got all my answers because of….

MY TEETH????? Am I for real on this thought…. everything that transpired since the symptoms picked up speed after my surgery in Feb of 18…. and by August, things were totally freaking out???!!!!

Because of my TEETH???? and I MISSED IT?????

Well does that tell ya where my head is at or have I just been to stoned???

Neither…. and if the Neurology appointment happens anytime soon, I will find out if my suspicions are correct…. the Trigeminal nerve that runs down both sides of our heads….

What gets me… I don’t think anyone ran a blood test to check my white count for infection… it was just thyroid and cholesterol for the last 18 months… in fact thyroid a couple weeks ago…

Wouldn’t do any good now… the Amoxicillin did its job… the bactrium given to me twice in the last 18 months helped, but it was obvious to both Mike and I now… I was fighting an infection that couldn’t be seen… and I wonder why doctors have so much trouble figuring me out…. I can’t even do it!!!!

Eyesight soon, and I can get back to my research in earnest…. if we aren’t packing… either way, ready to get back to work…

I will have questions for neurology, when ever that appointment happens… got a feeling I am on the right track, remember a paper from the UK about a patient with head injuries and the T nerve was involved and made dental a real problem… just can’t recall the title so I can find it again…. my short term memory really sucks… and yep it was tested… I work at it, but it still has hiccups where the train leaves the station and I’m on the platform waving bye bye waiting for it to pick me up on its way around the brain…. something I have lived with since I was 13….. started after the near death trip….

What a nice day, cloudy, cool, not hot and humid and no bangers… nope they came by early this morning, a contractor that thinks he owns our neighborhood… oh please let those kids buy the house Monday….

Well back to doing what I was doing, learning something new… hope this time my brain stays with it and doesn’t wander off on its own… bad habit…

I remember… Margie…