Migraines… gone???

This Friday, will make 2 weeks since I broke the tooth and the dentist gave me Amoxicillin….

Last Migraine I had would have been Sunday of the weekend I broke the tooth, maybe Monday, reasonably sure I wrote in the blog about it for the symptoms thing, I track…

Really want to talk to a neurologist now… because those headaches started before May of last year, enough so that by August the MD sent me for a EEG and that is when the MRI & MRA got thrown in the mix….

With that evidence of nothing flashing neon signs why I had the headaches… you would think someone would have put the dental together with all this, but not even I figured it out and it was going on in my head!!!! DAMN… I hate when I do stupid!!!

No fevers, no hot heat in the skull that followed the fever and no migraine headaches… stress headache, had 2 of those, but that is it….

Again, my own bucket of shit luck, probably saved me from more complicated health issues, if the infection was making its way to the brain…

The only pain I have in my mouth now… is from the TMJ, the bone that is some how involved with the Trigeminal nerve, waiting to see Neuro on that …. when I put the partials in or take them out… and of course the root in my gum, which is still alive, as I found out last night eating dinner, heat hit that spot and it let me know, dumb ass you have an exposed tooth nerve!!!!! UGH!!!!! 5 more weeks and it will be removed… so hope my gamble pays off yesterday… with the buyers… I could of had this root out yesterday, the same time the buyers were here… ACHH#!#

Biggest problem, now that I can see the actual misalingment of my last bridge work done at the Little Rock VA… I have to practice putting my mouth in a different resting position, so I can sleep and not wake up in spasm and locking up… doc gave me enough muscle relaxer, I’ll be fine… but I hate that med, it triggers restless leg syndrome, which is a nightmare that started after the first beating at 5 years old… love you mom…. NOT!!!

Things to do, eye surgery in a couple days… still freaked, and I only watched one video on how it’s done… eyes are window to world and for me, when I look at your eyes, I am looking for your soul…. our eyes are so telling… just look at Trumps, the only reflection you will see from his eyes… himself… ya know, kind of freaked over how much this will cost me, since I am using medicare, so far, it’s over $200, kind of hoping it stays below a thousand… all because a Tri West employee was rude to this patient… so over humans that think they have a right…

I Remember….