Neuro wave….

Yep, it happened… the abnormal brain wave gave me advance warning an it went down for a hour, maybe less… confusion for a few minutes, very very mild confusion….

Will be so interesting to find out what other tests they can do that would pin down the abnormal wave and if I can trigger it by thought….

Little tired, but not drained, not the first time I have tried to control the reaction I can feel happening….

We are more in control of our brains than you are led to believe, because of religion… which dumbs you down for growth….

Long day over, hot here today, cooling whole house because of the heat…. ready for fall, which for us is low 80s or high 70s….

We reported the dumping, before the rats an pigs make it worse… sad to see on such a beautiful place on earth….

I Remember…Margie….