Hot Damn, I got sight….

Tried wearing my eye glass’s and got headache in eye that was cut on….

So, leave the extra eyes off and after about 10 minutes I was reading the Wheel of Fortune puzzles, the words in the next commercial, yada, yada, yawn……

They told me my vision could change over the next couple weeks….

When I got trifocals a couple decades back, I was walking around like I was marching….my depth perception was that bad with corrective lens….. thats where I have been since surgery….

Now, its grab the dark glass’s the doc gave me an no magnify mirror when doing my routine….

I know this will change, but so far, other than the glued seam, this is one geek out experience…. for a ole woman☺️damn itchy when I roll my eyes at Mike😂…

I remember Margie…..