TBI impacts Anesthesia….edited

Even though I gave the doc a heads up about my reaction to anesthetic, I still got more than needed….

When given just the right amount, I should not be sleepy the rest of the day, like when I had major surgery last year an had to get on a plane, equal treatment of veterans an Melania Trump does not exist…. remember she was in the hospital the day I had to get on a plane after major surgery…. government run health care….

Regardless, in bed by 8PM an I slept till 4:30AM, up twice during the night….

Only this morning did I feel like the drugs were out of my brain….

Biggest fear, not waking up, because yahoos do not get brain injuries like mine…..

Education in America is only good…IF you LEARN…..

Sgt USAF DAV, today I get vision back, after one eyed Willie is retired….

Got to remind self, asshole neighbor up the street started his motorcycle that has no muffler at 2AM yesterday an the noise continued till he passed out at 4AM, my wake up time for surgery… Anesthesia may have nailed me because I only had 4 hours sleep… Will be interesting to see next eye, an how I do… He gave me 3 doses of sleepy juice, while I was aware… Will be curious next eye…. hope I typed this okay, can not see crap out of my left eye….looking for red lines on spelling😂😳😏