Vision transition…. kaleidoscope type…

My migraines I get when I have the neuro net melt downs, give me a kaleidoscope vision, when the brain does its thing…..

I have no migraine right now…. but I have a new lens in my eye to replace the one cataracts screwed up….

The lens options, to me are confusing, as this is a non interest subject, so for me to absorb knowledge that I am not interested in, goes with the brain damage from the strokes….I will get info wrong… because its short term memory….

That being said, the lens I chose was for distance, an one of the problems with any of the lens is a halo type effect or kaleidoscope for me at the right peripheral lower line of sight…

Annoying, yep, but from what the staff an even the hospital called an checked on me, including surgeon… Each going over the things I might see….

This just means if you ever have cataract surgery an see what I am talking about…. add the worse head pain and body meltdown to that…..

Welcome to my world…. which can be as short as a few minutes…to the last one that lasted 26 hours….and not a damn thing anyone can do, but listen to me scream in pain if it last longer than 6 hours….

That has been my life, thanks to what people who say, know their god, thought they had a right to do to a 5 year old little girl…..

60 years of that kaleidoscope vision…. its called an abnormal brain wave, by blunt force trauma….. nice christians…..

Right now, hoping it goes away quickly, it brings on waves of rolling tummy, kind of like walking the plank feeling…. burp😳

I remember Margie…..