A Memory…..

The last few months, waiting on eye surgery, got me to thinking about when I first saw an eye doctor….

It was Japan, Johnson AFB and I was about 14 or 15 and both parents, Don & Freda… took me to see this eye doctor… don’t you find that strange, that they would accompany me for a regular eye exam at that age… both of them… 1 maybe, but both???

You see military dependent care, you have to be 16 back at that time, to go see doctors on your own… so yea, you had to have an adult… but why both???

Remember, I told you, after we got to Japan about the beating and I am pretty sure I am right, because I lost about 6 months after the stroke…

yep, they gave me another stroke, because I pissed off Freda & Peggy… such good christian women… about as thin skin as Trump and that is beyond pathetic….

Anyhow… I had just recovered from the near death… when my heart stopped and I had the major stroke… when I lost 9 months of time…. so when we get to Japan… Peggy is into what ever she wants and the slave… (me) was denied any outside school activities… someone had to babysit the brats while the adults played and Peggy was just to special to babysit our brothers and sisters….

so one day, I said something that pissed off the two vipers and when Don got home, to that thinly built off base housing…

He beat the crap out of the daughter he killed in Big Springs, Texas and got locked up in a psych ward for and told fuck up again and you are out of the military… well that one moment in time, Freda didn’t care… she wanted revenge, because she didn’t like the truth that came out of Margies mouth… neither did Peggy…. such good christians…

So Don beat the crap out of me again and I had a stroke… this time, things changed… because they knew if I remembered anything, Don would be arrested and the kids would be taken from Freda….. so they played me from 1967 till 2017….

Don, Freda & Peggy, played me… and continued to play me, until Nov 7, 2017 when I remembered the night Margie died…..

So, the reason for the write… they both took me to see the eye doc… Freda knew I had suffered a stroke and she knew if they could see that stroke in my eyes, they would be in trouble and would have to start scheming to keep their secrets from becoming public…typical christian….

I never forgot Freda’s hate and envy… nor did I ever forget Peggy’s cruelty, because life dealt her a blow and she envied me…. just wow… so much for christians and all that jazz about morals and 10 commandments… just wow….

It’s like I told them at the clinic for post op… I have seen floaters in my eyes, since the first brain injury at 5 years old and was dismissed and told not possible… well guess what dumb ass’s…. even after surgery…. they are still in my right eye…. all because CHRISTIANS beat the shit out of a 5 year old…

Such brave people these humans that need a label to hide behind called christian…….

Just a FYI, my closet is open, light turned on and bare…. how about yours??? I have never had anything to hide… EVER!!!

But I’m not a christian… just a human that will make mistakes… as is the only way we grow…

not so with christians… who need that label to protect them…..

I Remember… Margie….