Pain Delay….

Getting this cataract surgery was the most frightening surgery I have ever had done… only because… DAMN they be your eyes!!!

This morning, I woke up to a charlie horse in my right leg and you could tell that I had inflamed the lower muscle from exercise… so pills popped, limp around to get the knot out and realized…

I never rubbed my eye last night…

This morning as I was doing my thing… I yawned and nearly let out a yelp, the cheekbone, below my eye was sore and obviously bruised, you just can’t see the bruise… surgeon told me that area could be sore from the device they use to keep you eye open during surgery and 5 days latet, yep I know it was messed with…

If I had that root extracted, I would not have been able to tell what hurt… eye or mouth… that tooth is directly below my eye… instincts once again protected me… and my knowledge…. that root comes out a week after my next eye surgery and thankfully that eye is no place near the root being extracted…..

Dreaming, it’s happening, no clue what I am dreaming, but if I remember I dreamed… a memory is coming forward… I do wonder how long this will go on, or if it’s just a part of who I am and something I will always have in my life… does that mean PTSD forever???.

Relief… yesterday the realtor came by, Mike met her, I was in the AC house…. she will do the lock box for us, YEA!! when she comes to the island for the holidays… only thing that will stop that, if the VA is doing my implants… so now it’s wait and see what kind of death care the VA is willing to do???!!!

The pups know I am in distress, when putting the drops in it was a butt dance in my recliner as the incision in my eye healed… yesterday was the first day, I didn’t dance in my chair… so it’s healing…still scratchy, just a little…funny how the pups know we are in pain or sick…and humans just turn a blind eye….

Vision is interesting… try and use Ipad for research and I can’t see squat… can’t take the lens out of my glass’s as they are lightweight and the frames are stable only with len’s in them… so, not much I can do, but just go about my day and hope I don’t cut a finger off, making dinner… Hubby has been very helpful in that respect, after I cut off my fingernail slicing fish up for tempura…. oooooops….

Weather is grey, wet and muggy… had the AC on 2 days straight, it’s so wet, you feel like you are breathing moisture from a lung machine… least it’s not brutal hot… but the dogs don’t spend much time outside either… so hot it is… me… I am inside, freezing………..

Relief we are off the market and I can focus on health and not keeping the inside spotless… will be happy to ship our stuff and follow a couple months later… and the house will sell quicker without us in the picture… so tiny living in a 5th wheel upon our return, till the house sells…. oh yea… did that before with 5 dogs… we are down to 2…

Day started, need to go walk, before it gets hot for the day…. watching the hurricane Dorian… and hope family and friends did the smart thing and left…. hope for the best, prepare for the worse….

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