Which way did it go???

I keep looking for it, expecting it, wondering what happened to it… What is IT???


I really should be down and bummed and gorging and doing all the wrong things… instead its…

Oh Well….

My eyes are getting done and so far, it’s not cost me a fortune, yet… my teeth will be addressed to a point… any further, that is up to the federal employee playing god….

We plan to do an appraisal, before we go back on the market, so no surprises there…. and I figure if things happen, we will adjust…

So, nope, got no clue where that depression snuck off too….

House closed up, humid, muggy, warm… and very tired of a rooster waking us up, before we are ready… so… I think we may stay closed up for a while, and catch up on sleep…

We mounted the fancy smoke detectors up high… we have the air purifier machine running…. and if those damn things go off, a few hours after we go to bed…. I’m looking for a skeet gun!!!!

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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