Evolution Sucks… so do hot Flash’s!!!

Now that the oral infection is abated…. and the migraine headaches I was having are gone… we are back to normal operating perameters….

When the doctor told me women can experience hot flash’s up to the day they die….. all I could think of was scalping the woman and do a war dance!!!


Come to find out… nope….

Now that I am off the thyroid medication, oral infection is gone… it would seem my body is back to doing what it should be doing as it ages…..

It’s NOT FAIR!!! I started hot flash’s when I was 26 years old and the Air Force took out my organs….

39 years I have had those pain in the ass hot flash’s…. and they are still here…. I can’t catch a break… I really can’t……..

IT’s not like it was when the surgery was done… that was a new kind of hell the female body an brain can go through…..

I don’t need hormone therapy…. I am pass that point in age and body…

Now it’s maintain and try and keep it working properly……

But every time that flush happens… all I can think about is my head out the car window, doing 60MPH…. so instead I turn the AC on and stand in the line of fire…..

65 years old and still having hot flash’s…..

Men really need to take a turn at this… Evolution… here’s your chance… make those suckers deal with all the hormones!!!!

Equality my ass!!! Put a woman in the white house and that will show America!!!!

I Remember… a day, when a hot flash, was because I blushed…. those days are long gone… Now I make others blush…. True Story….

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